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My thanks for the lovely material, for without it these pictures would not be possible


thank you HeidiDesign , Pacha for the Tubes


Tube © Elena Dudina

© All copyrights belongs to the original artists

I'm just the designer

This tutorial was written with PSP 9

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thank you all my tester from my Tutorials


Mein Material

Xero Improver

Unlimited 2.0 – Convolution Filters - Emboss ( light,inverse )

Nik Color Efex Pro 3.1

AAA Frames - Foto Frame

AAA Frames - Transparent Frame

search a tube for your image


You may take this little figure

along for your orientation



A word to all of you

All the discription for my Tutorials are "How I create my Image"

For your Tubes and Colors you maybe change the settings -

If you use my Elements - you have to colorize

I do not write this anymore at the Tutorial

Lets start




Step: 1

Open all material - minimize

Open paper.psd - Layer duplicate with Shift + D

Close the Original

Select your Tubes for your Image - search a light Color

My FG Color #486a99

Remind the Valus H + S for Colorize

For me H : 152 + S : 92

Plugin Unlimited 2.0 – Convolution Filters - Emboss ( light,inverse )


Step: 2

Open the Misted Tube - thsk 2011-27.psd

Copy - paste as new Layer

Layer - Colorize - Plugin Xero Improver

Open the Tube 2788 pacha1.psd

Copy - Paste as new Layer - Tube

Image - Resize to 115 % all Layers not chequed

Arrange the Tube to the left - repeat Xero Improver


Step: 3

Open and copy "element_cg.psd - paste as new Layer


Open and Copy " StarlightDesign_DarkCity_elements(11).psd

paste as new Layer - arrange to the right and to the top


Open and copy "element2_cg.psd - paste as new Layer

Blend Mode - Multiply

Layer - Merge visible



Step: 4

Duplicated Layer

Plugin AAA Frames - Transparent Frame

Drop Shadow 0/0/85/10,00 Black

Merged Layer is activ

Plugin AAA Frames - Foto Frame


Step: 5

Paste your Text and Watermark as new Layer

Merge all

If you like to resize - do it now


Adjust Plugin Nik Color Efex Pro

Its up to you what Values you use

For me : Contrast Only

Save as JPG

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Sincerely Christa